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Two pictures of JCSU Homecoming queen Anita Hinsley, 1972. Captions beside photos read "Homecoming Is... A Beautiful Black Queen" and "Homecoming Is.. the Crowning of Black Beauty." Taken from page 39 of the 1972 JCSU yearbook

Picture of JCSU's defensive football players during Homecoming game, 1971. Caption reads: "The Defenders: The Golden Bulls' Defensive unit was one of the nation's best in 1971. Led by stalwarts Gunn (21), Jones (66), Bailey (24), Turner (84),…

Pictures of JCSU football team during Homecoming and scoreboard showing final score. Title is: Homecoming '71, JCSU 18 - NCCU 14. How Sweet It Is!" Caption of game reads "Jones (66) and Johnson (75) combine to De-Feather Eagle QB Garvin Stone." …

JCSU football player during 1971 Homecoming football game. Caption reads " SLIM threw the bombs against NCCU during Homecoming." Taken from page 112 of the 1971 JCSU yearbook

Photo of JCSU football player during the 1971 Homecoming football game. Caption reads " Dodging in, around, and through the Eagles, all-CIAA halfback Bruce Duke brought the Golden Bulls over the hill." Taken from page 112 of the 1971 JCSU yearbook

Photo of JCSU football players celebrating at 1971 Homecoming football game. Caption reads "Tight-End Bill Dulie (86) went from Goat to Herb in the Homecoming clash. Bills recovery of an Eagles fumble gave the Herb its 18-14 victory margin." Taken…

Photo of the African-themed coronation of the 1971 JCSU Homecoming queen, Shannon Herry. Taken from page 107 of the JCSU yearbook.

1971 JCSU Homecoming queen Shannon Herry being carried in the school gymnasium by men in animal print loincloths, in the new tradition of Africa-centric celebrations of the Homecoming coronation at JCSU. Taken from page 104 of the 1971 JCSU…

Two pictures of the 1970 JCSU Homecoming football game. First is of JCSU football players during the game, and the second is of the halftime speech. Taken from page 39 of the 1970 JCSU yearbook

Two pictures of JCSU 1970 Homecoming parade. Top photo is of three women on a parade float downtown, and the bottom photo is a JCSU drum majorette leading the band in the parade. Caption between both reads " Freshman class Number One in Homecoming…
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