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Pictures of the 1952 JCSU Football team, taken from page 62 of the 1952 JCSU yearbook

Text article with photos about the 1953 JCSU Football season in retrospect, taken from page 51 of the 1953 JCSU yearbook. Smith lost its Homecoming game that year, 28-6 to Howard University.

1960 JCSU Football Team, including Pettis Norman, James Walker, George Blalock, and Ernest Wade, taken from page 113 of 1960 JCSU yearbook

Text with photos and captions recounting 1964 JCSU Homecoming football game. The text at bottom reads "There have been 30 meetings of these two colleges (Shaw and Smith) with the results as follows: 13 games won by Smith, and 14 games won by Shaw. …

Image from 1968 JCSU Homecoming parade of two unidentified members of the Homecoming court. Taken from page 154 of the 1968 JCSU yearbook

Photo of JCSU quarterback during football game. Caption reads "Ace quarterback Elroy Duncan drops back for a pass." Taken from page 256 of the 1968 JCSU yearbook

Picture of JCSU football team during the Homecoming game in 1969. Taken from page 169 of the 1969 JCSU yearbook. Text beside picture, caption above photo reads "Check these Bulls as they do their THING."

Picture of crowd, football players, and cheerleaders on the sideline of the 1969 JCSU Homecoming football game. Taken from page 144-145 of the 1969 JCSU yearbook

Two pictures of the 1970 JCSU Homecoming football game. First is of JCSU football players during the game, and the second is of the halftime speech. Taken from page 39 of the 1970 JCSU yearbook

Two pictures of JCSU 1970 Homecoming parade. Top photo is of three women on a parade float downtown, and the bottom photo is a JCSU drum majorette leading the band in the parade. Caption between both reads " Freshman class Number One in Homecoming…
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